Brown magnetic contact (two-way) with 2 inputs/outputs

Defining this device as a magnetic contact is somewhat reductive. Besides providing two
positions for the magnet, 90 degrees one from the other for device placement optimization,
the MC100 magnetic contact provides 2 terminals which can be configured individually
as input or output terminals. Configuring the terminals as inputs provides standard zone
management (NO, NC, Single Balancing; Double Balancing) and also allows direct
connection of shock and rollerblind detectors. Configuring the terminals as outputs grants
access to a 50mA open-collector output. Alarms deriving from the magnetic contacts, and
distinctly from the 2 terminals, will be signalled separately on the control panel. This device
provides an option which allows you to change the “unused”magnetic contact (of the two
present on the device) into a magnetic tamper protection. In this way, it will be capable
detecting tamper attempts using magnets. This device is protected against dislodgement and
open-cover tamper and is available in brown or white.