QMX3.P34 Temp. Sensor and Room Unit

Wall mount sensor and room operator unit with KNX communications
Temperature control can be set as PWM control and/or
Modulating control (PID algorithm), for purely heating operation,
Purely cooling operation, heating and cooling mode
Operating modes switchable via KNX or display:
- Comfort mode
- Pre-comfort
- Energy savings and protection mode
3 independently, adjustable switching values for CO2 concentration
and relative air humidity for ventilation control
- Output for 1, 2 or 3-stage fans (humidity and CO2).
- Output for 1, 2 or 3-point positioning signal (humidity and CO2).
Setpoint adjustable via KNX of room temperature and relative
humidity and CO2 concentration.
Adjustable commissioning and control parameters for radiator heating slow and fast, floor
heating slow and fast.
Integrated bus coupling
Bus connection via bus terminal.
Power supplied via KNX bus, bus load < 15 mA.
Maintenance free
Wall mounting, covers flush mount boxes
IP class: IP30
Dimensions (L x B x T): ca. 133 x 88 x 18 mm
Color: RAL9003, signal white