SIEMENS Switching actuator

The switching actuator N 567/22 is a N-type device for DIN-rail mounting. With its 16 relay contact outputs (channels) it can switch 16 groups of electrical consumers independently of each other. The connection to the bus line can be carried out either via a bus terminal block or by a contacting system to a data-rail installed in the DIN-rail. The switching actuator N 567/22 has an integrated power supply unit for AC 230V in order to supply power to the actuator electronics. The power supply unit enables operation of the actuator and direct switching of the actuator channels in "direct mode" even if no bus voltage is available, the N 567/22 still has to be taken into operation with the ETS (Engineering Tool Software) or communication over the bus has been interrupted.

N 567/22 Switch actuator 16 x AC 230 V, 10 A