KIT OPHERA SV (X1), VAS/100.30 (X1) ,DVC/01 (X1), DPH (X1) ,DTH (X1)

BPT BVKITOPH20 1 way silver Ophera basic video door entry Kit

The kit includes:

  • 1 x Thangram Video entry panel with integral Audio/Video module (surface)
  • 1 x VAS/100.30 PSU
  • 1 x Ophera hands free monitor (silver) with choice of 3 trims included


About Thangram panels

Thangram is a modular entry panel, and the only model that offers such superlative-quality video. The entry panels in the Thangram range are distinctive for their attractive, innovative styling, ultra-slim design, unparalleled performance and the possibility of creating any type of entry panel by combining just 7 modules. A new generation of entry panels that are both beautiful and sophisticated.

  • 25mm in thickness
  • IP54 rated buttons
  • Information by OSD

About Ophera Hands-free intercom video receiver for recessed installation

Video receiver for recessed installation, 3.5" color monitor, complete with interchangeable colored decor panels. TFT LCD monitor for superb color quality, and hi-fi audio for great acoustic performance. Ophera is fitted with a tilting screen for a perfect veiwing angle and is supplied complete with intercom module as standard.

  • Intercom module and colored decor panels
  • Tilting display
  • Hi-Fi audio

Technical Characteristics

  • Volume control
  • Brightness control
  • Door lock release (green LED)
  • Mute (red LED)
  • Communication ON/OFF (red LED)
  • Activation/Selection of entry panel
  • AUX 1 button for auxiliary centralized control of stair lights
  • AUX 2 porter call (red LED)
  • Ring-tone muting (red LED)