Infrared barriers


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Darwin is the new CIAS active infrared barrier. Manufactured from high quality alluminium, it is very strong and robust, able to compensate fot any expansion due to temperature peaks. its small size (22.5×23 mm) makes it invisible when it is installed inside window casings.

Max protection range is 6 m outdoor and 12 m indoor.

Its modularity makes DARWIN perfect for use with different protection systems, both indoor and outdoor.

It is equipped with self-alignment system, alarm led and “plug and play” fixing system which makes it easy and quick to install. No line synchronisation is required as each beam is recognised by separate optical codes. This results in optical synchronisaton with different and unique identification codes for each single beam. The alarm operation logic is controlled by a micro-processor which automatically sets the configuration of the IR beams as adjacent, crossed or multiple according to beam interruption and speed of interruption. DARWIN is available with two colours: classic black and grey aluminium.

Anti-insect function is an automatic system that works by the monitoring of crossed IR beams to verify the presence of any type of insect on the tx or rx.

DARWIN is the first barrier of this type to be certified by the IMQ at the maximum performance level, i.e. Level III.

DARWIN is the only barrier of this type with a complete aluminium structure, including the front the only holes to allow the transmission of the IR beams. This, esides making the barrier stronger, provides a better filter against possible interference from the rays of the sun.

They include:
DARWIN 02: active infrared barriers 2 IR beams 0,5 m
DARWIN 04: active infrared barriers 4 IR beams 1 m
DARWIN 06: active infrared barriers 6 IR beams 1,5 m
DARWIN 08: active infrared barriers 8 IR beams 2 m 8

DARWIN 02 SP: active infrared barriers 2 IR beams 1 m
DARWIN 04 SP: active infrared barriers 4 IR beams 1,5 m
DARWIN 06 SP: active infrared barriers 6 IR beams 2 m
DARWIN 08 SP: active infrared barriers 8 IR beams 3 m

Actual size: 8 cm more than nominal length.

Tech Features

Range = Max 6 m
Power Supply = 13,8Vdc
Consumption = 30mA/40mA/50mA/60mA
Tamper output = antiremoval and antiopening
Alarm logic = Automatic management of beam interruptions
Synchronism = Automatic optical synchronism
Optical alignment check = It provides a mathematical evaluation of the alignment precision
Colors available = Classic Black and grey aluminium
Certifications = IMQ III level
Specials function = Anti-insect
Special measures available up to 3m


The barrier can easily be installed on doors and windows between the window and the roller shutter or the blind using the different sizes available.

Interiors with large windows and entrances to be protected against break-ins.

DARWIN can be used whenever protection of small spaces and rooms is required.

Example of installation of IR beams in a museum.