Triple technology barriers

Pythagoras 3 Tech

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Pythagoras is an intelligent barrier designed with multiple technology and based on digital signal analysis (Fuzzy Logic), available for ranges up to 160m. The different technologies used allow the barrier to adapt to the size of the corridor to be protected, avoiding disturbances from fences or vegetation and eliminating the limits that the various technologies used individually may have. These are usually climatic conditions for the infrared and the limited space available for the microwaves.

Tech Features

Adopted Technology = 1 Microwave barrier, 2 Active IR barrier, 2 dopplers (1 extra IR bi-optic kit)
Range = 100, 160m
Parameter settings = AND-OR plus different scenarious based on digital fuzzy logic analysis
Alarm output = 3 relays RX / 2 relays TX
Special alarm output = Protocol RS 485 RX+TX
Height columns = 2, 3m
Special = new columns with front and easy opening


The new columns have a convenient side opening cover made from polycarbonate and in a 2 meter high tower provide one digital microwave barrier and two infrared active barriers. The third technology protection (Pythagoras 3tech) is a microwave Doppler in each column for the protection of dead zones generated when infrareds are subject to disqualification. It is also possible to install a further infrared barrier with the addition of an optional bi-optic kit.

Pythagoras also has an acesory for anti-climbing /standing that generates a tamper alarm if the intruder tries to brea kthrough by standing on the top cover. This system is particularly innovative because it uses the flexibility of a plastic lid to avoid false alarms generated, for example, by snow or sitting birds.


The microprocessor puts the different technologies in synergy with each other following “Fuzzy logic rules”. The signal received is analysed and compared with typical behaviour patterns, using algorithms that determine with precision the presence of an intruder.

The result is a very high detection performance and a small number of false alarms. Pythagoras provides 8 setups for different scenarios, which allow the selection of priority alarms in relation to the different technologies, in addition to the anti-crawling and anti-climbing functions (see table on the back).


Pythagoras is equipped with an electronic system that provides easy alignment, setup and test, making both installation and regular maintenance particularly simple and effective, without the need of any dedicated tool or instrument. It is also possible to perform remote maintenance when Pythagoras is connected to RS485 bus, using the software WAVE-TEST already used for all other CIAS digital devices.