Fence Detection

Fence Detection

Full Products Range:

SIOUX MEMS: innovative system developed by CIAS in collaboration with Milan Politecnico University and based on MEMS technology; thanks to a small chip –the same we can find on any smartphone- all accelerations provoked by any climbing, cut, or sensor displacement attempts, as well as fence lifting and leaning of a ladder against it and so on, are translated into alarm signal. Every and each sensor can be individually set, thus suiting for application both on rigid and on mesh fences, with no need of previously separating different segments of fence before installation.
• Innovative accelerometer MEMS sensor, auto-addressing
• 700mt coverage and zones from 35mt
• Precision of detection of 1 meter via IP – through SDK
• Easy installation by placing sensors every 5m regardless their positioning on panels
• Covering up to 6m in height with only one line of sensors
• Inclinometer system for tamper detection
• 700m covering by each control unit: IP & PoE and with 20 relay output
• Operating temperature between -40/+70°C
• 10-years events memory
• 6-years warranty against manufacturing default

APACHE FIBER: system based on opto-phonic technology and interferometer measurement, that is to say it measures the difference in light emitted by a laser and in the signal received back. Vibrations, received by the optic fibers installed on a fence, redirect the light reflected inside the fiber so that it returns different than it was originally transmitted. Such a signal of light is transformed into an electrical signal , which the DSP on-board will analyze, filter and provide to an alarm relay for signaling any attempt of climbing and cut of the fiber itself or of the fence.
• System providing single or double zone up to 2000m
• Zones from 500mt
• Suitable for any kind of fence: both rigid and weld-mesh
• Possibility of configuration in loop or daisy-chain
• Easy to install, with UV-resistant ties
• Possibility of set up via software or through on-board rotary switches
• Connectable to any kind of anti-intrusion control panel
• Operating temperature between -40/+70°C
• 3-years warranty for the analyzer and 10-years on the fiber cable

BLACKFEET CABLE system based on magneto-phonic technology, that is to say a cable with 2 magnetized plastic sheats hosting inside 2 wires free to move; vibrations detected by the cable installed on the fence are translated into an electric signal; which is duly filtered and digitalized by the board in the control unit, and which provides one relay of alarm for climbing and cut attempts of the cable itself or of the fence.
• System in kits of 50/100/150/200/300m
• Zones from 300m
• Suitable for any kind of fence: both rigid and weld-mesh
• Suitable for wall application anti-breakthrough
• Easy to install, with UV-resistant ties
• Easy to adjust through switches – no software
• Connectable to any kind of anti-intrusion control panel
• Operating temperature between -40/+70°C
• 15-years warranty on the sensor cable
• Accessories compatible to other systems based on the same technology

We remind that for all fence systems data collection can be made through IB SYSTEM IP (or traditional RACK).
All solutions can be integrated to Cias Supervisor system with graphic maps also via IP and RS485, or to any third party’s system via SDK. (NB. Blackfeet only via I/O input).
Cias perimeter systems “talk” to each other to satisfy different levels of site protection and to provide one unique point of reference for any needs of outdoor security protection.