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Electric Fence

Secur 2006 ALT



Fisol or Fisalu junction

Waterproof junction that can placed underground but not submerged.

Link 18/25

Robust,easily installed clips for smooth wire from 2 to 2.5 mm(20/25) or from 1.6 to 2 mm (16/20)

Cord clip

Clip for cords up to 5.5 mm wide. Anti-spark guarantee.Can be used as a mechanical fuse to avoid injury to horses STAINLESS STEEL

Forceflex junction

Forceflex spring

Super Lightning Protector

The lightning protector deflects lightning towards the ground to protect the energizer. Its double arrester and coil ensures added safety 


Insulator of 40 mm tape. Rubber buffer provides ideal bloking. Easy and rapid to install.

Lef Super

Lin start/corner/end insulator for SECURGAL high ten wire. Its compsite base commposition provides it with exceptional resistance. To be installed under compression.