Since 1974 CIAS has worked on the development of perimeter protection and today is able to offer a complete range of perimeter intrusion detection systems of sensitive buildings in industrial, military and residential environments.

The protection begins at the outer perimeter and can be declined dependent on the requirements. Whether installing on a pre-existing structure (fence, fascias, perimeter walls, corridors) or creating an open area with invisible external protection, the solution is simply designed based on the level of security required.

Climatic factors have no impact on the performance and the detection reliability is guaranteed. The management and maintenance are achieved via electronic functions embedded in the software developed by CIAS itself. The integration of all barriers developed by CIAS is available via a universal cabling system that also allows dialogue with external systems such as CCTV, access control, alarm control units, etc.

A high level of technology and quality control distinguishes CIAS perimeter protection products; it is above all the uniqueness of the signal analysis, based on fuzzy logic, which give the evolution from simple signal parameters to reading the signal in terms of its genuine complexity. From this it is possible to call our barriers “intelligent”, with the capability to discriminate between real intrusion alarms and environmental factors.

The ranges of products that we offer are: